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Weaver Probus Club Rules

  1. The Club shall be called the WEAVER PROBUS CLUB
  2. Membership shall be open to retired and semi-retired business and professional men, for the purpose of promoting good fellowship by meeting regularly and stimulating discussion, and other objectives of particular interest to members.
  3. The Club shall be managed by an Executive Committee, and all officers shall be elected for one year only, but shall be eligible for re-election.
  4. Membership of the Club shall be limited to 55 and applications for membership shall be in writing to the Secretary, providing names of proposer and seconder from within Weaver Probus Club. Such applications shall be made known to the members for their comment before consideration by the executive Committee for approval.
  5. The annual subscription shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting and is payable on 1st February. Pro - rata payments for members joining after the AGM to be decided by the Treasurer.
  6. The Club shall be non-profit making and in the event of it being wound up, all of the assets shall be given to one or more charities nominated by the Executive Committee.
  7. The Club shall meet fortnightly, normally on Mondays excepting Bank Holidays, when a meeting will be held the following Tuesday. In unusual circumstances the Executive Committee may change the day, date or time of a meeting and will give due notice to members.
  8. Members may introduce one male guest at any meeting, but no guest may attend more than four times in one year.
  9. The Annual General Meeting shall be the Club's second meeting in January.
  10. An Extraordinary Meeting may be called at the request of five members, giving fourteen days notice to the Secretary.
  11. Accounts shall be examined at the end of December each year and the Examiner shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting of that year.
  12. Any member may resign his membership by giving the Secretary notice to that effect.
  13. The Executive Committee reserves the right to terminate the membership of a member who has not attended any meeting for three consecutive months. The Executive Committee will consider the reasons for the member’s absence and will refund an appropriate proportion of the member’s subscription if the membership is terminated. If, however, a member cannot attend meetings regularly due to personal or family health circumstances, the Executive Committee has the right to grant him Privileged Membership or use their discretion as to his continued membership. A Privileged member is supernumerary to the Club compliment. No mandatory annual membership fee is payable although he shall be permitted to attend Club meetings and functions.
  14. Preference shall be given to the selection of members for the offices of both President and Vice¬President from those who have already given service as officers of the Club. The elected Vice-President shall automatically be appointed President for the following year.
  15. Cheques payable by the Club shall bear two signatures from the following four officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  16. Facilities are to be provided to the Social Secretary to enable him to finance, within the limits of the Club's funds, events requiring advance payments. 1
  17. No member shall seek monetary support for any charity or good cause in the form of raffles, tickets, sponsorship or donations within club meetings. This shall not preclude informing members of forthcoming events which members may choose to follow up outside the club. This restriction shall not apply to speakers who may ask for support for their charity.