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2023 Speakers

06/02/2023 Keith Stevens Money Makes the World go Round
20/02/2023 Stuart Wood Building of the Manchester Ship Canal
06/03/2023 Gordon Bartley AND BY & BY A CLOUD TAKES ALL AWAY
20/03/2023 Bill Durose Sixteen in the Sixties
03/04/2023 Meg Parkes Surviving Capitivity in Far East in WW2
17/04/2023 Martin Gaffney The Strangeways Riots 1990 and more
02/05/2023 Peter Cotton Rise and Fall of the Cheshire Empire
15/05/2023 George Sephton The Voice of Anfield
30/05/2023 Ken Pye Seven Stories from Seven Hills
12/06/2023 Neil Sheldon Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics 
26/06/2023 Brian Price Awakening the Dragon
10/07/2023 Nicky Patterson Air Traffic Control
24/07/2023 Graeme Gerrard The Development of CCTV &Security
08/08/2023 Peter Hyde Oldham Mountain Rescue
21/08/2023 David Skillen The Bentley Boys - The Playboy Racers
04/09/2023 Bob Barker From Crime to Crime
18/09/2023 Prof Robert Young Engineering with Graphene 
02/10/2023 Andrew Emmerson Magistrates in the Community
16/10/2023 Gary Conley Eye up - The Pies have come
30/10/2023 Rob Mason Comedy Folk Music
13/11/2023 Sue Holden Bringing Law to Life with Laughter
27/11/2023 Courtney Guest From Flying Suit to Shirt Sleeves
11/12/2023 Bill Durose Christmas Customs
25/12/2023 No Meeting
22/01/2024 AGM


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