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All Meetings are Cancelled until further notice due to Covid19

2022 Speaker

Date Speaker Subject
10/01/2022 Tony Miller Some Aspects of WW1
24/01/2022 AGM
07/02/2022 Keith Stevens The Population Bomb-ready to blow
21/02/2022 John  Kerwin History of Rubber Technology
07/03/2022 Rosie Lee The Reluctant Shepardess
21/03/2022 Meg Parkes Surviving Captivity in Far East WW2
04/04/2022 Jean Finney The History and Origin of Nursey Rhymes
19/04/2022 Graham Wallace Restoration of Runcorn Locks
03/05/2022 Peter Solan Garden Birds and their Secretts
16/05/2022 David Simmons Capt Eric' Wincle'Brown Britain's Greatest 
31/05/2022 Prof Peter Roberts Eight Global Catastrophes that Will Happen
13/06/2022 Prof Terry Callaghan Sent to Siberia
27/06/2022 John Cotterill The Burtonwood RAF Museum
11/07/2022 Edward Bridge A Sailing Trip around Southern Ireland
25/07/2022 Gary Conley The Dream
08/08/2022 Bob Barker From Crime to Cime
22/08/2022 Hazel Griffiths " Fridjof Nansen"
05/09/2022 Elizabeth Morris Primative Methodism on behalf of 
19/09/2022 Matthew Lanham The Work of the Neuro Muscular Centre
03/10/2022 Alan Kibble Reinvestigation of the Moors Murders
17/10/2022 Chris Leworthy Battle of Britain - 80 Years On
31/10/2022 Keith Warrender Underground Manchester
14/11/2022 Martin Gaffney The Strangeway Prison Riots 1990 and more
28/11/2022 Simon O Rourke The Art Of Woodcarving
12/12/2022 Peter Turner Through the Eyes of a Magician
26/12/2022 NO MEETING
09/01/2023 Prof Nigel Linge The Internet of Things
23/01/2023 AGM


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